A Seat At The Roundtable

The discussions that evolve your stylists into therapists and the common interests that transforms the lady under the dryer into your BFF. A Seat at the Roundtable reveals the unspoken reflections of the everyday woman.


10 things you seriously should never say about a woman's hair!

We've asked close friends and trusted hair professionals to share their most unappreciated hair feedback. Check out the top 10  offensive hair compliments, what they really mean, and how to respond. 


The Transition Experience: Brooklyn

For every healthy strand of hair you see, underneath lies a story of growth and healing. When inevitable doubt and concern kick in, it's always encouraging to hear testimonials from women who were once in that same position


SKS Seven Steps to Slay

The simple guide to wearing hair confidently and discovering a style that personifies YOU. What does your hair say about you? 'Slay, or Nay'