Best of Asia

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With such a unique culture and breathtaking views, its hard to truly summarize my unforgettable experience in Asia, but here are a few answered questions that I’d like to share with my SKS insiders!

Which place was your favorite? 

It’s a tie!

Shanghai had the most unbelievable shopping that I’ve ever experienced in MY LIFE! The fashion in Shanghai was on another level and every mall was "high end". The shopping was so insane, that I had to purchase another full size suitcase back! 

Thailand will always hold a special place because of the warm weather, beaches, and the people. The staff at our resort were so friendly that we would hold them hostage in our room at times, just talking for hours about everything Thai. I will definitely be back!

How did you plan your trip? 

When it comes to trips I am definitely a researcher. Whether it’s asking people that have visited before, searching IG hashtags, or scrolling through my favorite travel blogs, I make it my business to look for all of the picture-worthy locations because I am all about the photo op… Can’t you tell?! However, I cheated a little this time because I have a friend that lives in Shanghai who has traveled to many places in Asia. She single handedly guided me through the planning process for this trip - from the route I should take, the do's and dont’s, and even how to negotiate EV-ER-Y-THING in Thailand. I am forever grateful to you, Tiffany!

What would I do differently?

Stay longer!

How was the food?

Honestly, I had no problems at all being vegan in Asia. Asian cuisine is one of my go-to’s usually, so I felt right at home. The only problem was finding time to eat between shopping, massages on the beach, and sleeping! Yes, I know, tough life.

Where are you going next?

Next year I plan to visit, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, and Bali. I also have big plans for my 35th birthday travels next year.. so stay tuned for the next adventure!

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