Coping with Copper

Copper hair color is definitely the trend of the YEAR, so deal with it! While there are many red color variations, warm copper hues are my favorite. This is an easy transition for blondes who are looking for a more daring change without doing anything too dark. Be careful because reds fade quickly. Be sure to use a color depositing shampoo to preserve your color.

Tip: Ask your stylist to apply Sebastian Cellophanes for the perfect pick me up that revitalizes your color and adds a glossy shine!

Top 5 Fall Hair Trends

Blonde with natural dark roots is one of my favorite looks this fall. With this hair color you will not for one second miss summertime and you will do it with a lot less maintenance. Think of it as glam-lite!

Gray, Purple, and Lavender Balayage

Fall is the season for change, yes that goes for your hair color too! This cool toned, smokey color combo is the perfect BOLD winter look. This look is for the more expressive client who doesn't like blending in. 

Copper Highlights

Copper highlights are a subtle yet impactful change that is great for all hair styles and textures. It's a great option for clients who want to experiment with color but may not want to commit to anything extreme. This versatile look is done by stylists using a tipping method with highlights on dark hair.  

Red-Violet Shades

If you love to make a statement with your hair, then the red-violet shades are for you. Whether you're considering all-over color or balayage this is a rich yet bold look that transitions well from day to night! 

Rose Gold Blonde

Rose gold is the biggest hair color trend this fall. It's the strawberry blonde with a modern spin and a hint of pink. Make the easy transition from your average blonde that faded during the summer. 

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