Getting ready for holiday parties can be overwhelming. This holiday season, don't over think it. Check out these perfectly imperfect styles that are easy and effortless. 

Done-undone: Side Braid

Here's what you do:

  • Curl or wand your entire head and spray heavily with holding spray.
  • Separate your hair parting from your ear back.
  • Leave out about 2 inches of your face framing layers and pull hair to one side.
  • Begin to braid hair loosely for a messy look, or tightly for a more polished look.
  • Secure about 1.5 inches from the ends with clear or black rubber bands...ALL DONE! 

For the UNDONE look:

  • Simply pull pieces from the braid to create a wider, more imperfect braid. Leave the hair in front of your ears near your face and VOILA!

Triple Flip Ponytail

Equivalent to the grown up topsy tail, it's a great transition from previously worn waves or curls.  

  • Loosely gather the hair in 3-4 sections centered vertically down the center of the head. They can be as far apart or close together as you like.
  • Then flip the ponytail upwards and through the hair tie (simulating a topsy tail).
  • Repeat with the remaining sections. Pull to tighten.


Velvet Pony

The velvet ponytail is the perfect HAIR GOAL for fall. It's the most luxe way to wear velvet! 

  • Secure hair at the base of ponytail by crossing the velvet ribbon around the hair tie.
  • Wrap tightly around the length of the ponytail in a crisscross motion.
  • Secure with a knot 1-2 inches from ends of hair.

We love how Rita Ora rocked her velvet pony. 

Looking to switch things up a bit this season?