Oils Your Hair Will Love

Don’t worry, I have not forgotten about my straight-haired girls. Curly girls, cover your ears - this message does not apply!

Do you find that applying heat to your hair leaves it feeling dry & brittle at times? Or maybe you or your child suffers from breakage or lack of growth potentially due to dryness? Certain oils can have intensive-repair qualities and with proper application, you will notice that oils increases growth & shine leaving your hair feeling much healthier.

In daily use, you can apply oils on your hair when it is dry, as needed, or use as a heat protectant.

When using oils, it important to keep these things in mind:

  1. Use sparingly to avoid weighing the hair down.

  2. Focus primarily on the hair shaft. Gently massage oil into the scalp if you are treating a problem area.

  3. Do not apply to wet hair.

  4. Alternate between clarifying and moisturizing shampoos to prevent build up.

If you are not interested in DIY oil blends, here are some amazing hair oils that are free of mineral oil, petrolatum, or other unnatural additives and, of course, are SKS Approved:

Mane Choice Growth Oil: Specially designed and formulated to stimulate hair growth.

Camille Rose Ultimate Growth Serum: This hair growth serum is infused with a combination of natural herbs and oils.

Taliah Waajid Growth Oil: This growth oil is targeted at strengthening and fortifying the hair.

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Oil: This oil is best used on extremely, dry course textures. It contains a combination of chamomile extracts and safflower oil to add shine and soften it the hair. The aroma is amazing too!

Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Oil: This hair oil contains a blend of several essential oils.