My Transition Experience

By: Mia Benoit


"When did you finally decide?"

I honestly don’t know if I ever “decided” to go natural but I definitely trusted Shassity’s judgement and confidence that I could “make it through” the transition.  My first appointment with Shassity was in December of 2015 and at that time, I’d gotten a relaxer two months prior and honestly didn’t think I had the “right” type of hair to go natural but Shassity assured me that I would be just fine.  


I’ll admit I still wasn’t 100% convinced, so in March of 2016, I decided to get a sew-in to give my hair a break and to give me more time to decide which path to take. When we removed that initial sew-in in May, my hair had grown about four inches but the different hair textures proved to be a challenge when it came to detangling.  

So with a lot of convincing, I decided to proceed with the big chop with the exception of my leave out.


 Every 10-12 weeks, Shassity would remove my sew-in, cut a little bit more of the relaxed hair off and put me “back under” as I like to call it :)  


This process went on until May of 2017 when I decided to debut my natural hair.  


Once again, I was unsure of what my natural hair would look like and how it would respond to environmental factors but Shassity reassured me that in time my hair would become heat trained and easier to manage and she was absolutely right!  In just under 13 months, my hair was 100% chemical free and was longer than the day we cut it off.

I can honestly say that my hair is thicker and healthier than it’s ever been in my adult life and I will forever be thankful for Shassity’s professionalism, expertise and patience with me during my natural hair transition.  For anyone unsure of taking the leap (like I was), just trust Shassity’s works, it’s not as hard or as “bad” as you think it’s going to be and it’s worth it!

September 2017 (1).png