Black 'Hairstory Month'

Each year African Americans spend billions of dollars on haircare products mostly of which are important from China. However, there are a lot of black owned haircare companies that are producing some amazing products. So, in honor of black ‘hair’story month, here are a few black owned haircare businesses to check out:

  1. Eden Bodyworks: This haircare company was founded by Jasmine Lawrence. It is a remarkable company that offers a wide range of haircare products containing purely natural ingredients. The company's watchword is wellness and the idea for a natural haircare company came to Jasmine Lawrence when she was a young girl of 11 years. She was inspired by the damaged condition of her hair and the lack of solutions to her hair problems. Thus, she took matters into her own hands and began to make home made hair products. My favorite is the All Natural Cleansing Co-wash.

  2. Camille Rose Naturals: This hair and skincare company is owned by Janell Stephens. It originally started out as just a haircare company but gradually expanded into several other lines of products. Its products are natural, safe and effective. Two of Camille Rose Naturals most popular haircare products are their Ultimate Growth Serum and their Jansyn's Moisture Max Conditioner. I personally love their Coconut Water Collection. It is one of my favorites!

  3. Uncle Funky's Daughter: Uncle Funky's Daughter was founded by Reneé Martins. Its first product that was launched was Curly Magic. Free of harsh chemicals, Uncle Funky's Daughter's products are all natural & cruelty free. These products can be found in most drugstores and are very popular amongst the curly community If you have curly hair and you're constantly dealing with frizz and tangles, I think Uncle Funky's Daughter products might be a good one to try.

There are many more black owned haircare companies that offer a wide variety of products for all hair textures So, wherever you are, even if these companies are novel to you, kindly lend support to these haircare companies not only this month but anytime you need to make a product purchase. Your hair will definitely thank you!