Sorry I was unable to notify you sooner but ….

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I’m declaring my last day.

sks feb photo.jpeg

Now that I have everyone’s undivided attention,

Yesterday I closed out the last work week of January, ending my 1-month’s free trial for 2019. This was my last day of feeling defeated, cutting all emotional ties with the month itself. As you’ve guessed, I didn’t get along with January very well, but I’m grateful for the lessons learned in order to revamp my fresh start of 2019. Within just a few days of meeting February, I have embarked on this reset as a stronger and more balanced person.

In my opinion, I just couldn’t seem to pull it together on many levels

Stress, disappointment, setbacks, and let’s not mention the COLD. Nothing seemed to be going the way I needed it to. I started to analyze why I was so unmotivated and uninspired. Then I realized, I honestly had too much on my plate. I felt overwhelmed and that I was underachieving. I just simply couldn’t do it all.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge believer in delegation.

Though you may not see them, I currently have a team of 5 people that help me balance and build the SKS brand. They are responsible for the success of Atelier Salon,  Shassity.com, the ShassityStyles social media platforms, Curly Littles Campaign (have you joined yet?), and other upcoming projects. I have this high-performing team of resources, and I was still struggling (mentally/emotionally) to stay afloat. Why? because my team still needs ME - my input, my creativity, my approval! While they are the anchor, this is MY brand and this ship does not sail without SHASSITY.

Mom, Ms. Shassity has her WHOLE life together.
I need to be Ms Shassity’s bestfriend, so she can take me on trips with her.
I need a mentor. You might say no, but I wanted to ask anyway. Before I ever went to cosmetology school you helped me, and I’ve never forgotten the way you made me feel.

What?! While these were all amazing compliments, I was not feeling like the person they seemed to admire…

So I came to an agreement with myself. I decided that I’m allowed to not be 100% ALL. THE. TIME. I’m allowed to not have mental space for negative energy. I’m allowed to skip the gym. I’m allowed to go home and not open my computer. I’m allowed to have an open hour on my books for lunch. I’m allowed to cancel that photoshoot.

…and that’s exactly what I did.

My brand is growing, expanding, and getting closer and closer to what I have always envisioned, yet I found myself becoming harder on myself with each new accomplishment, and that I strived for the impossible standards to be perfect. Every new goal that I applied required more & more strict standards of success. It was supposed to be pedal to the metal all 2019, or at least that was the plan anyway!

The reality is, sometimes GOD stays STOP! (inserts Jesus and the teddy bear meme) Similarly to the way he did when I decided to forgo all of my plans to go to medical school. He had different and bigger plans for me. I needed to be rerouted and focus only of the things I could have control over.

Life doesnt battle you.jpeg

Success does not always.. correction NEVER looks like what people show you on Instagram

This applies to myself, as well. The same way that I share the photos of the products that I love, or from the amazing moments captured during my vacations, it was necessary to also share the things that are the ugly truth, and that are REAL LIFE!

Remember to always check on your strong friend, practice more patience with yourself, and learn to appreciate those pictures that didn’t make it to your online highlight reel.

So, better late than never, I’d like to officially say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!