OTW to Ouidad (/we-dad/) 

I decided last November that 2017 would be the year of no heat! I went back and forth on whether I would take a trip to see the Curl Doctor, Shai Amiel in LA or a much quicker trip to the Ouidad Flagship Salon in NYC. Although I'm much more of a Ouidad product fan, I proceeded to call the DevaCurl specialist Shai as my first choice.

I was both anxious and desperate for a haircut and I could not wait the 4 months time until Shai's next opening so I decided to go the Ouidad route.  I made an appointment at the Ouidad Salon with Ayanna. Her credentials, years of experience, Yelp reviews, and most importantly similar hair texture, made her the obvious choose. It took months of contemplation and extensive research before making this decision to actually get a haircut but I knew my curls needed expert treatment.

Like most naturally curly girls, I constantly fought against my curl pattern but I knew it was time to give the blow "fryer" and straightener a break. I was prepared to be patient with the process but needed expert guidance on revitalizing and maintaining healthy curls. My favorite part of this visit was the styling advice and product knowledge from Ayanna. She was very informative and showed me how to effectively master a curly look without the frizz. Overall, I was pleased with my visit and look forward to going back in about 4 months as advised.

Follow me on this journey as I document my curl transformation from beginning to end.