The Art of handling backhanded HAIR compliments


'the transition experience'

When you finally decide to embark on a hair transition journey, the experience isn't as simple as you imagined it to be. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be frustrating but worth every challenge once you see the results. Hair transitions are more than just going from relaxed to natural hair. It also includes heat, color and chemical free transitions. Any transition into a healthier body of hair should always begin with the guidance of a trusted hair care professional. I have transitioned more than 80% of my clients and with each experience I find it more rewarding than the time before. Trust and patience are my only requirements. 

The key is realizing you are not alone in the transition experience. For every healthy strand of hair you see, underneath lies a story of growth and healing. When inevitable doubt and concern kick in, it's always encouraging to hear testimonials from women who were once in that same position. 



'Slay, or Nay'

What does your hair say about you?

   SKS seven Steps to Slay:

  1. Try styles that you never thought you could pull off
  2. Be proud of your hair and what it says about you
  3. Wear hair that makes you unique
  4. Don't be afraid to be a trendsetter
  5. Achieve healthy hair by discovering quality products, and learning new and non-damaging ways to maintain your style
  6. Be creative by testing the stylist within you, and learn how to do those glamorous celeb styles
  7. Find comfort! The style for you should look effortless and make you feel flawless

NWNW waves is the perfect messy hairstyle that is ideal when you're half way between shampoos. I resort to this style when my hair isn’t freshly washed, but it has enough weight and oil to provide the perfect texture to hold waves. If you don't have a curling wand, NO WORRIES! Your curling iron will get the job done. These beachy waves can buy you a few more days before your next shampoo while giving you the perfect effortless style.  

To achieve this look, follow the easy steps in the SKS STYLES AT-HOME GUIDE.

DIY: The perfectly, imperfect Messy Bun

Perfect for a lazy day paired with boyfriend jeans and shades, or to make a classy statement on the scene, the messy bun is my go-to versatile style.  This style is perfect when you're nearing a wash, and you still have things to do and people to see.  With a little hairspray and a ponytail holder, you can be out the door in minutes with a chic, and professional look. From workout to wedding, this style never disappoints.

To achieve this look, follow the easy steps in the SKS STYLES AT-HOME GUIDE.

Product Bible

Your hair's success is in the bottle.  Find out the products that SKS can't live without, and where to buy them in the SKS PRODUCT BIBLE.

Style Inspiration

The perfect style is one that exudes confidence, and shows where you're going; not where you're at.  Be daring, and check out NEW AND TRENDING STYLES.

Stylist Spotlight

SKS upholds the highest standard of quality assurance and is dedicated to maintaining healthy stylist/client relationships.  Finding someone who can provide a professional experience, as well as fulfill your vision and goals for your hair can be difficult.  


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