My Journey With Goddess Locs

I started last summer with my admiration of Megan Goode's faux Locs style.  Being the researcher that I am, I began my online hunt for a stylist who could mimic the technique but never really found anyone that was able to achieve that authentic, bohemian, Lisa Bonet dreadlock style.

Finally, Megan Goode tagged Dr. Kari Williams in one of her photos who at the time was making an appearance on The Real Daytime talk show. I immediately went to her Instagram where I found her contact information to Mahogany Hair Revolution, her hair salon located in Los Angeles, Ca. After contacting her assistant, who responded immediately, I scheduled a virtual consult to get a better idea of how I could go about getting this look that I'd been obsessing over for months now. After Skyping with Dr. Kari, I set an appointment date with her assistant, Rosie. I was scheduled about 2 months out but it was perfect because I was a able to plan ahead for the trek across the US before heading on my Caribbean vacays. Long awaited June 15th had come and I was only there for 24 hours before returning to Charlotte. Dr. Kari and her staff greeted me promptly at 8am. They were friendly and professional but all I could think about was the headache I knew I was about to experience being someone who is  extremely tender headed and sensitive to braided styles.

8 hours later I was DONE and beyond satisfied with my new look! It was different, but it was the change that I needed and had waited for! Dr. Kari created the Goddess Faux Locs technique that you have seen worn my Tyra Banks, Eva Pigford, Laura Govan, and Shaunie O'neal. Her team (shout out to Erinn & Ebony) have truly mastered the technique and their ability to execute as a team was admirable and truly an amazing experience. We laughed and bonded over client/hairstylist stories. Megan Goode, who is strikingly more beautiful and kind in person, even stopped in during my appointment. It goes without saying that I'll be back next summer.  

SKS Update: 

Mahoghany in clt

Mahogany Salon Visits Charlotte, NC

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