10 things you seriously should not say about a woman's hair!

The art of handling backhanded hair compliments.


Photo: Tumblr

Photo: Tumblr

DIY holiday hair survival guide

Getting ready for holiday parties can be overwhelming. This holiday season, don't over think it. Check out these perfectly unperfect styles that are easy and effortless. 

Done-undone: Side Braid

Here's what you do:

  • Curl or wand your entire head and spray heavily with holding spray.
  • Separate your hair parting from your ear back.
  • Leave out about 2 inches of your face framing layers and pull hair to one side.
  • Begin to braid hair loosely for a messy look, or tightly for a more polished look.
  • Secure about 1.5 inches from the ends with clear or black rubber bands...ALL DONE! 

For the UNDONE look:

  • Simply pull pieces from the braid to create a wider, more imperfect braid. Leave the hair in front of your ears near your face and VOILA!

Triple flip ponytail 

Equivalent to the grown up topsy tail, it's a great transition from previously worn waves or curls.  

  • Loosely gather the hair in 3-4 sections centered vertically down the center of the head. They can be as far apart or close together as you like.
  • Then flip the ponytail upwards and through the hair tie (simulating a topsy tail).
  • Repeat with the remaining sections. Pull to tighten.


Velvet pony

The velvet ponytail is the perfect HAIR GOAL for fall. It's the most luxe way to wear velvet! 

  • Secure hair at the base of ponytail by crossing the velvet ribbon around the hair tie.
  • Wrap tightly around the length of the ponytail in a crisscross motion.
  • Secure with a knot 1-2 inches from ends of hair.

We love how Rita Ora rocked her velvet pony. 

Looking to switch things up a bit this season?  



The center part has taken the back seat to the side part for a while, but now it's time to switch things up and go front and center. 

 Let's divide & conquer! Here are 5 ways to make a statement wearing a center part:

Sleek Bun-- Never underestimate the power of a sleek bun; it works well with any look - from casual to cocktail.

Start with a super-sleek base by creating a deep middle part and using a flat iron to make hair sleek. Gather the hair at the nape of the neck and pin into a loose chignon. Be sure to accentuate the neckline with a statement necklace or high neckline top making this the focal point of your look. 

Tamed & Tucked-- If you want to show off your perfectly proportioned facial features, this is an easy go-to style. It is classy yet effortless. If your hair is medium to thick density, use Bobbi pins to secure the hair behind your ears. You can even switch it up by only tucking one side.

Tousled Waves-- "I woke up like this!" I'm a big fan of the perfectly unperfect hairstyles, and this tousled wave hair posses just enough texture suitable for any outing, so embrace frizz and fly-aways and let it loose and wavy with a deep center part. 

image1 (2).PNG

Shabby Chic Chignon-- One of the best things about this classic hairstyle is that it is transitional and works well when out and about or in the work place. My favorite aspect of this style is that it does not require any products or tools! Just a good sense of symmetry is all you need. The Shabby Chic Chignon style stands the test of time and generally flatters most hair types and face shapes. 

Braided part.jpg

Braided-- Have you ever tried to grow out your bangs or short face framing layers? Sometimes the in-between stages of trying to avoid re-cutting them from and not being quite long enough to reach your ponytail can be a bit of a nuisance. Here's an easy solution--braid them! The functionality of the braids are very versatile so feel free to pull them into a ponytail or low bun for a dressier look. 

My Journey with Goddess Locs

I started last summer with my admiration of Megan Goode's faux Locs style.  Being the researcher that I am, I began my online hunt for a stylist who could mimic the technique but never really found anyone that was able to achieve that authentic, bohemian, Lisa Bonet dreadlock style.

Finally, Megan Goode tagged Dr. Kari Williams in one of her photos who at the time was making an appearance on The Real Daytime talk show. I immediately went to her Instagram where I found her contact information to Mahogany Hair Revolution, her hair salon located in Los Angeles, Ca. After contacting her assistant, who responded immediately, I scheduled a virtual consult to get a better idea of how I could go about getting this look that I'd been obsessing over for months now. After Skyping with Dr. Kari, I set an appointment date with her assistant, Rosie. I was scheduled about 2 months out but it was perfect because I was a able to plan ahead for the trek across the US before heading on my Caribbean vacays. Long awaited June 15th had come and I was only there for 24 hours before returning to Charlotte. Dr. Kari and her staff greeted me promptly at 8am. They were friendly and professional but all I could think about was the headache I knew I was about to experience being someone who is  extremely tender headed and sensitive to braided styles.

8 hours later I was DONE and beyond satisfied with my new look! It was different, but it was the change that I needed and had waited for! Dr. Kari created the Goddess Faux Locs technique that you have seen worn my Tyra Banks, Eva Pigford, Laura Govan, and Shaunie O'neal. Her team (shout out to Erinn & Ebony) have truly mastered the technique and their ability to execute as a team was admirable and truly an amazing experience. We laughed and bonded over client/hairstylist stories. Megan Goode, who is strikingly more beautiful and kind in person, even stopped in during my appointment. It goes without saying that I'll be back next summer.  

To find salon information on Mahogany Hair Revolution, visit the SKS-APPROVED STYLIST DIRECTORY.


Short hair goals! Make a statement with these fun pixie cuts. From edgy to corporate chic, short hair is trending amongst the bold.  In a world where wearing hair extensions is no longer whispered about, long tresses are certainly not a look that suits everybody. The key to short hair is choosing a style that fits your face shape and your personality. Short hair screams femininity and is versatile, fun and sophisticated.  Dare to be different and choose the perfect pixie style for you.

Natural Hair

For anyone ready to stop straightening their natural curls by giving up heat styling tools, check out celebrity hairstylist Shai Amiel, aka The Curl Doctor, for inspiration on protective styles. See the journey of several clients, like you, transition through the heat-free process.


These beautiful curls are perfect for the summer and a protective style to maintain healthy hair.  

Beyoncé's chic cut and summer-ready messy curls are perfect for a beach vacay.

Photo: Instagram @beyonce

Photo: Instagram @beyonce

Evelyn's elegant massive bun pairs perfectly with a date-night bodycon dress.


Rita Ora's colorful cornrows are funky and fun. Cornrows are the trending, low-maintenance style that can be dressed up or down.

Photo: Instagram @ritaora

Photo: Instagram @ritaora

This braided Mohawk is sure to turn heads at an elegant affair.

Photo: Instagram @theouai

Photo: Instagram @theouai

Ciara's Goddess-inspired double crown braid is perfect for a festival or summer wedding.

Photo: Instagram @cesar4styles

Photo: Instagram @cesar4styles