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How To Stop Graying Hair!

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I discovered my first gray hair in high school and they continued to multiply throughout my late twenties
— Shassity

This topic is by far one of the most commonly discussed among my clients and I, and not necessarily a discussion limited to older clients. I discovered my first gray hair in high school and they continued to multiply throughout my late twenties. I knew from my family history that I was destined to have gray hair, so I never allowed it to steal my outer youth. Unfortunately, GENETICS determine when or how gray your hair becomes. For many clients, no matter what age, it may not be easy to come to terms with having gray hair, whether it's one strand or many. More importantly, how you choose to embrace or eliminate gray hair is something you discuss with a professional. Aside from genetic predisposition, nutritional deficiencies can also play a major role. 

Here are 5 foods and that can affect graying hair: 

1. Walnuts- rich in copper which is crucial in melanin production, which gives hair is pigment. 

2. Lentils- great source of B9, which plays a vital role in the production of amino acids that aid in hair color retention. 

3. Blueberries- a superfood rich in potent anti oxidants & B12.

4. Broccoli- rich in folic acid (deficiency can lead to melanin deficiency).

5. Bananas- rich in biotin & iodine.

Avoid refined sugars, smoking, and STRESS!




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