The Transition Experience

of Sierra Owens

Sierra Before.jpg

December 2015 

Before the transition to natural 

Sierra TE.jpg

February 2018

Current journey to healthier hair 


I went to Shassity for a hair extension appointment…

and she had asked me if I have ever thought about going natural?!  I was like I have, but I am just not sure if I could actually do it because I've had relaxers for over 10 years.

My hair was so short and I had breakage around my edges, but she reassured me that I could do this and that she would help me transition. I wore my extensions from October of 2015 to January 2017, while getting them taken out every few months for Shassity to wash my own hair and put them back in. It was pretty amazing to see the growth and changes of my hair as time went on, and how it became longer and healthier since I began the journey. I trusted Shassity and her process, and I must say that it has worked great for my hair.

I have found that Shea Moisture products have been really beneficial for me in keeping my hair moisturized. I still get a blow out at least once a month, but I am interested in finding braided styles for the summer, 1) to keep heat off my hair for a while, and 2) because blowouts will not last in the summer months.

Thank you Shassity for your confidence and being willing to guide me throughout this process. I really appreciate it, and I do not see a need for a relaxer in my future. #naturalhairdon'tcare"